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7 Surprising Reasons You Should Sleep More on Saturdays

July 28, 2016

7 Surprising Reasons You Should Sleep More on Saturdays

It’s Saturday! And guess what? There’s no day like today to catch up on your beauty rest. Don’t let yourself make excuses as to why you must set that alarm even on your day off. Or at least give us the opportunity to convince you before you do. Here are 7 surprising reasons you should sleep more (on Saturdays).

     1.  You'll look younger

It’s no surprise that sleep is linked with our appearance. Simply put, it’s those hours of sleep that our body is busy producing the growth hormone that repairs damaged cells and keeps us looking and feeling younger.

     2.  You'll experience an improvement in your memory

Remember that time you “lost” your black flip flops, searched for days, and later found them safely tucked away in the glove compartment of your car? This was likely the result of a lack of sleep. Sleep more on Saturdays to decrease your chances of losing or forgetting your favorite things, like your designer flip flops and purses.

     3.  You might lose weight

Multiple studies have found that women who sleep less than 6 hours per night are more likely to gain weight, which in itself is reason enough to hit snooze on Saturday. Sleeping more and losing weight? Sounds like a win-win to us!

     4.  You'll keep the puffiness down

Feeling and looking puffy lately? This might be because you haven’t been getting enough sleep, and there’s no better day than Saturday to catch up on some rest. A lack of sleep is linked to inflammation, which can lead to serious health problems.

     5.  You'll feel happier

Extra sleep will help you to battle any low feelings and will help you to curb anxiety and deal with stressful situations much easier. We know you do a great job in this department, but a little extra happiness can never hurt!

     6.  You'll stabilize your blood sugar levels

Because sleep-deprivation leads to insulin resistance, getting a proper rest will help your body restore natural blood sugar levels – which means you’ll feel better and have more consistent energy levels throughout your week, with perhaps a lower likelihood to succumb to your cravings for sweets.

     7.  You'll spark your creativity and sharpen your attention

Since you’re planning on shopping with your girlfriends for new designer flip flops on Sunday (did you know new shoes cure the blues? so says The Girl Two Doors Down ha ha), you’ll want your full creative powers and a sharp attention span to withstand deal-hunting while also bringing forth your inner fashion stylist.

new shoes cure the blues

Not that you need seven reasons to sleep more, because we all know you deserve it. But in case you felt the need to set the alarm this weekend, we suggest you consider your health and your youth.

Let yourself sleep in on Saturday, will you?

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