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10 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Beautiful

April 13, 2020


The Girl Two Doors Down knows that some mornings are just rougher than others. Here are a few tricks and tips to help you wake up feeling gorgeous.

1 // Pick out a killer outfit the night before

No girl likes to rush in the morning -  it can result in throwing together an outfit that you end up hating for the rest of the day (yikes!). Luckily, that regret can be easily prevented: Pick out an outfit the night before that’ll make you feel beautiful from dawn to dusk. Might we suggest some animal print? Our new Zebra Pendant flip flops are sure to spice up your look, whether you're spending a day out with the girls or a fun day at the beach.

2 // Wear sexy sleepwear

One of the best recipes for waking up feeling beautiful is - you guessed it - going to bed feeling beautiful. Splurge on black lace lingerie from True & Co or a luxuriously soft, silk pajama set from Adore Me… whatever makes you feel like the glamourous lady that you are. And hey, give whoever you might be cuddling with a little something to look forward to as well. Spray on some Infinite Love Mist from Lotus Wei and  you're all set to go.

3 // Sleep on your back

It’s been said that sleeping on any part of your face can cause wrinkles, as your face isn’t meant to support your head’s weight. Try a simple switch to sleeping on your back to prevent any unwanted lines, and give your beautiful skin a chance to breathe.

4 // Butter up

Waking up with soft and hydrated skin is always a plus, and could be a lot less work than you think. Pick up some Organic Body Butter from Aimee Raupp or your favorite body lotion from Principessa and apply generously before settling in for the night - we guarantee you’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks. Bonus tip: pick out scent known for aromatherapy like lavender or lemongrass for some stress-free zzz’s.

5 // Twist your hair up

For a fool-proof way to get some beautiful, beachy waves in the morning, wash your hair at night and braid it or twist it up on top of your head while it’s wet. Take the scrunchie out in the A.M., put in some texturizing product and voila, you’re good to go.

6 // Get your beauty sleep

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but the Girl Two Doors Down knows it’s hard get to bed at a decent hour when you have so much on the go. Don’t forget to get the rest your body deserves - the closer to a solid 8 hours you get, the better you’ll feel in the morning for another day of festivities.

7 // Keep fresh-faced

We’ve all had those times - coming home after a long, tiring day and collapsing into bed without removing your makeup and contact lenses. Trust us, it’ll be worth the extra few minutes to use cleanser and makeup remover from tarte cosmetics to remove the day’s build-up - you’ll feel better when you sleep, and more refreshed in the morning.

8 // Have an earlier dinner

Going to bed feeling bloated is never fun, and having dinner at 9:00 PM is no way to fight that. Instead, have a healthier dinner earlier (Give Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes a try) and try not to have too many carbs - dermatologists know best, and they say diets high in carbs make our facial features take on a less defined appearance.

9 // Sleep on satin

Satin or silk? Your pick, but both feel ah-maaazing and are great for your skin, too! The smooth fabrics cause much less irritation, pulling, and scratching on your skin. Nobody likes itchy sheets - feel free to indulge a little the next time you feel like a little bit of change in the bedroom.

10 // Treat your lips

During the day, the Girl Two Doors Down loves wearing a sexy, daring lipstick with her bling flip flops. But say it with us: wax on, wax off. Your lips need some love at night, too! Don’t forget to take off lipstick with a gentle make-up remover, and condition your lips with a moisturizing balm. Follow our lead, and you’ll wake up with perfect, kissable puckers.

What are your tips for waking up feeling gorgeous? We’d love to know! Share in the comments below or leave us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!

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