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3 Practical Reasons You Should Always Carry Flip Flops

July 23, 2018

3 Practical Reasons You Should Always Carry Flip Flops

The Girl Two Doors Down knows life is all about being spontaneous and, well, living a little. So naturally, you’ll need footwear that can keep up with your adventures without slowing you down. Our pick? It doesn’t get any easier than flip flops - you can slip them on or off in a split second, leaving more time for fun. Here are the GTDD’s top 3 reasons to carry flip flops with you at all times.

1. Impromptu pedicures

Sometimes a girl just needs to relax after a stressful day - what better way to do that than with an impromptu pamper session in a comfy pedicure spa chair with indie nail polish from llarowe? You may have powered through the day with a killer pair of heels, but carrying a pair of pave flower flip flops in a sexy, bold red will keep your pedicure looking pristine from the moment you leave the nail salon to the minute you sit down for some much-deserved drinks with the girls.


2. Spontaneous afternoons at the beach

You never really know where life is going to take you, and sometimes that just means life will take you to the beach on a sunny afternoon. Not wearing the right footwear for some sand? No problem. Carrying a pair of cute flip flops in your bag means you’ll be able to get to stay comfy and on trend while saving your not-so-sand-friendly shoes for later. After all, you’ll want to save your dancing shoes for later.

3. Comfy feet during a night out

After a fun night of dancing in stilettos, even the GTDD’s feet can get a little sore. Keep a spare pair of flip flops in your bag or car, and you’re good to go for some comfy relief. Better yet, you can keep dancing in your vintage diamond ring platforms - and when you’re all done, these will be just the right amount of sparkle for your nightcap.

What’s your favorite pair of flip flops to carry with you? Let us know in the comments below or show us on Instagram!

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