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Who We Are

Girfriends wearing black flip flops

Fun and sassy, the Girl Two Doors Down has an inner sparkle that's a whole lot sexier than your average, nice girl next door.

She is the ultimate girlfriend you turn to for Breakups and Breakthroughs, Hangups and Hangovers, Empathy and Empowerment.

And the one, you can truly be yourself with - graciously and unapologetically.

Bold and fearless, the Girl Two Doors Down deserves the very best and isn't afraid to go out there and get it. And when life gets a bit challenging? 

The best cure she's found is humor and surrounding herself with her #BFFs = best friends forever + black flip flops.  

Witty. Alluring. Unconventional.

Always classy in looks and in life. Never takes herself too seriously.

The Girl Two Doors Down is that very best girlfriend, in all of us.


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