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33 Easy and Meaningful Ways to Spoil Your Mom on Mother's Day

April 27, 2016 693 Comments

33 Easy and Meaningful Ways to Spoil Your Mom on Mother's Day

About 60 seconds after I became a mom for the first time, I appreciated my mother 1000x more. I immediately understood at a cellular level, all her sacrifices and gestures I took for granted (working two jobs at a time, letting me have the nicer car, making me food well into my adulthood). I also felt ashamed at all the petty grievances and arguments I put her through over the years. Thankfully, my mom, like many other moms out there, forgives, forgets, and continues to offer me unconditional love and support. 

Every Mom is different but special in her own way. If there is one person that deserves to be spoiled and celebrated on her very own holiday, it’s Mom! If you’re looking for some fun, free or funky ideas that will help you honour and thank your Mom this Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 33 easy and meaningful things you can do, make or buy to celebrate Mother's Day:

1. Ask for her to-do list, and take something big off

Why guess, when you can give Mom exactly what she wants. Like many of us, Mom has things that she really wants done and keeps putting off. Take a weight off her shoulders and just do it. 

2. Find an old friend of your Mom's and reconnect them

I'm sure Mom has told you stories of her younger self and the fun shenanigans she got up to with her friends! Help her find long-lost friends through Google, social networks like Facebook, or services such as, and 

mothers day gift - finding old friends

Photo via RavensRestStudio on Etsy

3. Bring her favourite wine and offer her a heartfelt toast

Red, white, prosecco or champagne, whatever you bring, the most important thing is to acknowledge and toast mom for all the years she has been there for you, and will continue to be there for you.

4. Host a gathering at your house

Whether it's your siblings, other family members, nearby friends and neighbours - be the gracious hostess you are and host a brunch, lunch or dinner celebration in honour of Mom. 

mothers day gift - 33 meaningful ways to spoil mom

5. Go through old albums

We can sometimes forget cherished memories until photographs remind us of a certain time and place. Reminiscing for a few hours will bring back people we love, laugh out loud moments and even, bring new insight into your current life. Here's a photo we dug up of my mom when she was a young beauty queen!

6. Make her a new album 

When was the last time you printed a photo? In an age where Facebook or Instagram is our public "album", there's nothing like the feel of printed photos. It's easier than ever to make personalized photo books using services like Apple or Shutterfly that Mom will love looking through over and over again.

BONUS: Did you know that Costco will take VHS tapes and convert them to DVDs? A Mother's Day gift I received from my mom was home movies of myself when I was a child. My kids loved it!

7. Treat your mom to a pedicure

With warmer weather it’s time to shed winter boots for flip flops! But first, you need to get some pretty toes and perhaps, hands. Check out the latest colours from Opi polish on their Instagram.

A photo posted by OPI (@opi_products) on


8. Enter a Contest for Sparkly Flip Flops

With a new pedicure, what better flip flops to slip your toes into than designer flip flops loved by celebrities from Girl Two Doors Down. Enter a contest where you can win two pairs of flip flops - one for you and one for Mom!  

Simply leave a comment below on what you will do to celebrate your Mom on Mother's Day. By doing so, you agree to receiving emails from us so we can contact you. Valid for US residents over 18, value up to $120. Our privacy policy is here.

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9. Get dolled up for high tea

Enjoy a fresh pot of tea and sample sweet pastries, scones and Devonshire cream. Taking Mom out for high tea is a fun and easy way to make her feel luxurious! If you can't go to a tea salon - buy  loose leaf teas and let her indulge in the experience at home with a tin of tea (we love the tea from Alice's Tea Cup in NYC). Some places may even make a custom blend that will always remind her how much she is loved and appreciated.


10. Take a health class together 

Get healthy together and bond over new experiences and shared memories. A yoga class is a great way to relax, Zumba is not only fun but a great cardio workout for any level, or get outside and enjoy the May weather with a kayaking lesson. The sky is the limit!

 mothers day gift - a kayaking lesson

11. Take a cooking class together

If she's a foodie, take a baking or cooking class together to learn ethnic dishes, fusion dishes and the latest techniques. The benefit? Mom learns something new and you get a fuller stomach when she brings you her latest signature dishes. Yum.

mothers day gift - cooking or baking lesson

12. Try a new restaurant she's been wanting to try

Cooking not your thing? Take Mom to the latest restaurant or one that's her favourite. My mom chooses the same restaurant for her birthday, Mother's Day and any other special occasion. The point is to make sure there's enough courses in the meal to last through catching up on all the family drama :-)

13. Get her your favourite book

Think of a book you love or one that has made an impact in your life.  Write Mom a short note inside the book telling her why you think she'll love this book too. 

mothers day gift - favourite book or GTDD flip flops

14. Give her a clean house

Whether you do it yourself, bribe her grandkids to do it, or get a gift certificate for a professional cleaning service, a clean house with no hassle is certainly appreciated by most Moms!

15. Take Mom to a show or concert she would enjoy

Paul McCartney, the ballet, a play or a musical, find out what she'd like to do and go get those tickets today. Even if the event is months from now, presenting it to her on Mother's Day gives you both something to look forward to.

mothers day gift - concert

16. Go to the spa

If you’ve got a full day, then leave your daily troubles behind and take Mom to the spa for her mani/pedi/facial or massage. Wipe away both your stresses with a spa treatment or two and leave room to catch up on family matters with mom in the spa's lounge.

17. Bring that relaxed spa atmosphere home

Can’t make it to the spa? Send mom some cruelty-free skin care products like the Quinoa gentle face wash or Vital Immersion face mask from Pacifica to help bring a spa atmosphere back home.

18. Get a hairstyle update

Help mom update her look with a new cut, colour or just a blowout. We love the Drybar and if you can't get there, you can find their products at Nordstrom and other stores. 

A photo posted by Drybar (@thedrybar) on


19. Go to the makeup counter for a mini-makeover

Most brands at department stores give free demos or samples. Sephora has friendly and courteous sales associates always willing to help give a mini makeover. Can't get there together? Send Mom some of the luscious lipglosses and smoky shadows from our friends at Modern Minerals.

20. Indulge Mom in something soft or silky

Silk pajamas or a cashmere wrap. You can never go wrong with these two fabrics. Get one, or both!

mothers day gift - silk pajamas

21. Have a movie marathon

Go see the latest movie or rent a stack of chickflick classics from Barefoot in the Park to Sleepless in Seattle, the Notebook to Bridesmaids. Add popcorn, wine, blankets and a cozy couch and you're all set for a girls night in.

22. Teach her online skills

Whether it's installing some apps on her phone like Skype or Viber that help you stay connected, or helping her set up a social media profile, Mom will appreciate being able to keep track of your life updates more easily.  Help Mom use technology to bring you closer.

23. Plan a mother-daughter weekend

Pack your bags and extend the celebration to a weekend away. It's just long enough to really connect and have fun, and short enough to avoid any arguments :-) 


mother day gift - getaway

24. Write her a letter

Forget emails and e-cards. There's nothing like a handwritten letter in the mail (or better yet, delivered in person) describing how you feel about Mom. Acknowledge her for who she is and the contribution she has made in your life. If you're creative enough, write her a poem!

mothers day gift - letter to mom

25. Make her a video

Whether publicly posted on YouTube or privately sent via email, a video greeting for Moms who aren't nearby, makes her feel like you are right there with her. She misses you just as much as you miss her.

26. Learn a craft together

Knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, find out what Mom would want to learn. You might like it too and the result might be a shared new hobby you can continue together for years to come.

27. Make her something yourself

There are a ton of DIY ideas on Pinterest complete with instructions that even I can make (which means you can too!). Here are 24 ridiculously easy things to make. 

28. Give the gift of time

If you want to help younger Moms celebrate mother's day, they all want the gift of a little bit of relaxation, and a little time for themselves. Here are 15 things all young mothers want that doesn't cost a cent

mothers day gift - time to relax

29. Take her car to get serviced

It can be a big gift like a set of new tires, or a service check up like an oil change, or even just a car wash and detail. This gift tells mom you care about her safety on the road.

30. Introduce Mom to the benefits of Juicing

My lovely mother-in-law gave us an Omega juicer over a year ago and it has changed our lives. At least once a week we make a batch of juices and add it to our diet. The Green Juice (kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger) is our favourite, followed closely by a very simple grapefruit and sweet potato concoction (it's a great breakfast drink). We feel healthier and noticed we haven't been as susceptible to illness, or seem to recover more quickly. Make it easy for Mom to stay healthy by giving her the right tools. 

31. Give a gift that arrives more than once

Subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving! Every week or every month whether it's a magazine, a fresh food box, a wine of the month club, whatever tickles Mom's fancy - she'll thank you and think of you every time her surprise comes in the mail.

32. Ask her about you

Do you know the story of when you were born? What you were like at 2, 5, 10 or 15. What are some of your mom's favourite memories about you? Only Mom can give you this insight and history.

mothers day gift - ask mom about your younger self

33. Get to know your Mom at a deeper level 

Finally, how well do you know your Mom (and/or Grandma)? How and where did she grow up and what are her fondest memories? Who are the funny, quirky, or best-to-avoid members of your extended family? What do you need to know of her medical history for her, or your sake? What are her unfulfilled desires or what is on her bucket list? Could you help her fulfill something on that list?


mothers day gift - talking with mom

There's a lot you can do, or buy for Mother's Day that doesn't cost much but would be very meaningful. Just remember that however you choose to honour Mom, the time you spend and the connection you make to each other is what will matter most. 

How do you plan to spoil your Mom on Mother's Day?

Please share in the comments below or tell us on FacebookInstagram,  Twitter, or Pinterest

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