Meet Elena

Elena wearing GTDD Five Link Circle designer flip flops

Hi, I’m Elena. I’m CEO and Chief Shenanigans Officer.  

I grew up in a tropical country, wearing flip-flops. I went to a university in California, flip-flopping my way to class every day.

So I guess you could say my dreams came true with Girl Two Doors Down.

Now, I live in a colder place that’s often wet and wintry. But in my daydreams I am always walking somewhere with sand between my toes, or gallivanting with girlfriends in my pedicured feet, with my Girl Two Doors Down flip flops.

Just don’t ask me to pick a favorite style. That’s like asking me to pick between my two kids! I love them both equally, yet different.

I wear both flat flip flops and platform flip flops. I love the classic simplicity of solitaire styles like the Teardrop Diamond or Emerald Diamond, and the fun of charms like the Butterfly or Martini. I love them all, and you’ll understand why, when you check out our flip flop shop.

Warning: once you buy your first pair, it's a vice. You will be hooked. Some of our customers have bought dozens of pairs. Get a girlfriend to intervene (or better yet, join you! haha)

I've had a long and winding road to get here, including a family business (cars), another ecommerce company (socks), a PR agency (17 years and counting), becoming a certified life coach, and creating a PR blog that has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

I couldn't be happier being where I am now. Building Girl Two Doors Down and getting to hang out with the most fun, spunky, giving, creative and all-around awesome women I know. Girlfriends.

I’d love you to join our community and check out our blog adventures. We'll be writing about Glamor, Getaways, Gourmet, Gratitude, Giveaways, and all things...Good.

If I can help you in any way, do reach out. I answer emails and you can also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We also have fun pins for you on Pinterest.

Come, hang out with us.

Wishing you sunshine and sparkles always,